What does it mean to be creative?
Of hands, yarn, words, cloth, flowers,
photographs, thread, yeast, paint or running shoes,
what is most likely to magnify the imagination to produce something worthy of the term creative?
I was purusing the blog listings on word press and wondered how there were so many different interpretations of what constitutes creative.
Noticing that there were lots that just didn’t strike me as all that interesting at first blush

Maybe it’s a lesson for me that one can’t judge a blog by its first impression …
I will have to do some more exploring …


About Peggi Chase

Biking, Tai Chi, Literature, Culinary Adventures and Sewing are some of my favorite hobbies. Since I started this blog to explore my talent for creative writing, I expect I will refer to those topics. I have recently begun searching for online resources in an effort to improve my writing skills and it reminded me how exciting my very first writing class was, 'lo those many moons ago. Prior to that first assignment, I don't recall any teacher suggesting that I write creatively. I remember it as difficult, but fun and challenging at the same time. I hope to re-create that same combination again as I blog here.

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