Grateful for so many things


Although I am writing this on Sunday, my thoughts about how very much I have to be grateful for began last week on Tuesday as we counted down to Thanksgiving. The day on which we are all supposed to contemplate, comment and be prayful about our blessings was a delightfully quiet day at home w/my boyfriend and his son eating good food and watching mediocre football.

Tuesday when I arrived home from a full day at work and just one more trip to the “oh my gosh, there’s a storm a brewing”-packed grocery store, I noticed a large box on the front deck which by the picture of a microwave oven on the side, held a very large appliance that I didn’t order. Opening the front door I said “there’s a microwave on the front porch” and he of few words replied “yes there is” and grinned. My life companion had decided he “heard enough bitchin’ about” the twenty plus year old machine we had and decided it was time to replace it. Now, I am the kitchen dweller in this family and for that reason alone should have been consulted but, you know what? I chose to be grateful, that he researched to find the best, ordered it online to be delivered and surprised me with an unexpected gift to make my life better.

Wednesday dawned and I was able to get out and do the needed errands before the snow started to fly and we even went out to lunch during the Noreaster which was both a treat and necessity since lots of cooking was going to be necessary for the rest of the day in preparation for Thursday. I was most grateful that we never lost power during the T’Giving prep and we were warm and snuggly inside all night.

Thursday we got up and at it early, the man out to shovel the walk, me to cook the dessert and accompaniments and clean all the dishes required to make those. We had a decent breakfast and the rest of the morning flew by as I prepared the turkey, stuffing, did more dishes and got the appetizer plate contents arranged. Our one guest arrived and we watched a bit of football, nibbled a little and then ate dinner at the appointed hour. It was delish and even though my mamma couldn’t make it here due to the snow, I was grateful that she was able to get to my brother’s house to share the day with his family.

Friday was my second day to enjoy the turkey and all its trimmings at my mom’s. I brought my new favorite homemade carrot pumpkin muffins, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash, chocolate cream pie and coconut whipped cream. We had a feast and then it was time to take her to a new store she just had to check out on Black Friday. I found myself grateful that we weren’t making our annual trek into Boston on the craziest shopping day of the holiday season although we were both nostalgic about the fun times we had doing just that.

Saturday mother and I went to the cinema for a family comedy which she had been wanting to see since it was first advertised and we both thoroughly enjoyed the silly, sappy film. Ate too much popcorn but when we went to Trader Joe’s after it didn’t stop us from trying all their samples. Funny thing is, I dropped mum off at the door since she has trouble walking with her hip pain and usually I find her close to the entrance after I park the car but this time she had vanished. And I wondered, but only briefly because I realized TJs free samples would be her first stop and sure enough, as soon as I located that part of the store, there she was, enjoying some kind of cheese danish. We slowly made our way around the store and discussed at length the pros and cons of each of her half dozen purchases. The amount of time this stroll around the small store took, sometimes returning twice to the same area, might have been irritating to me in the past. But Saturday, I found myself welcoming the slow pace, the scrutiny of ingredients and discussions about what products were best with my mother who is slowing down with the advancing years. I see things moving so fast by us when I am with her and wonder, where are we all going in such a hurry all the time?

So, here I am at Sunday, the weekend after Thanksgiving and feeling grateful that the snow is melting with the warmer temperatures, the chores we have accomplished around the house this morning are many and the best team in football is playing at 4:30 PM. Turkey soup is simmering on the stove and the biscuits are in the oven so we be eating turkey again for the fourth day and I’m not sick of it yet. In fact, I have plans to make turkey pot pie tomorrow. That’s what happens when you get an eighteen pound turkey for three. I am thankful today for a warm home with a loving partner by my side.


About Peggi Chase

Biking, Tai Chi, Literature, Culinary Adventures and Sewing are some of my favorite hobbies. Since I started this blog to explore my talent for creative writing, I expect I will refer to those topics. I have recently begun searching for online resources in an effort to improve my writing skills and it reminded me how exciting my very first writing class was, 'lo those many moons ago. Prior to that first assignment, I don't recall any teacher suggesting that I write creatively. I remember it as difficult, but fun and challenging at the same time. I hope to re-create that same combination again as I blog here.

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