Companionable silence


The very low hum of not very distant traffic, the seconds ticking on the living room clock, a soft snore from my cat sleeping on the back of the couch and the occasional other tiny sounds that make up this household like the oil burner kicking on, are the only sounds audible at this moment. My domestic partner has decided to nap before teaching our evening class and I am enjoying this break from the intrusion of any extra sound.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love music and talking and laughter and even screeching little girls (we have a few of those residing on our street and the sound always makes me laugh) but I am not one of those members of the population who has to always have something “on” in the background. In fact, I often marvel at the fact that so many people say they couldn’t work out or run or perform their work duties without musical accompaniment. I don’t find it all that important to have a sound track when working or resting because I like to experience what is happening at the time in the space I find myself.

I do really love listening to music when sewing, driving or flying … so I get it that others want it all the time but I am quite happy in companionable silence for great periods of time during my day.


About Peggi Chase

Biking, Tai Chi, Literature, Culinary Adventures and Sewing are some of my favorite hobbies. Since I started this blog to explore my talent for creative writing, I expect I will refer to those topics. I have recently begun searching for online resources in an effort to improve my writing skills and it reminded me how exciting my very first writing class was, 'lo those many moons ago. Prior to that first assignment, I don't recall any teacher suggesting that I write creatively. I remember it as difficult, but fun and challenging at the same time. I hope to re-create that same combination again as I blog here.

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