Guess I should start writing …


I set up a profile here simply to comment on my friend Ed’s blog (entertaining and interesting, I might add … and as soon as I get a moment I will link it). It is some weeks later and I never found the time to write even an introductory post or fill in my profile.

I read A LOT and I often think that I could write some interesting prose that would capture an audience as well as some of the authors I have read. Of course one of the important differences between me and those published authors is that they actually take the risk to write frequently, edit themselves and take feedback from others who suggest edits. I haven’t done that for over 25 years so I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to get in “writing form” again.

Maybe I will credit Ed when I do manage to take valuable time from each day to get here and start writing.


About Peggi Chase

Biking, Tai Chi, Literature, Culinary Adventures and Sewing are some of my favorite hobbies. Since I started this blog to explore my talent for creative writing, I expect I will refer to those topics. I have recently begun searching for online resources in an effort to improve my writing skills and it reminded me how exciting my very first writing class was, 'lo those many moons ago. Prior to that first assignment, I don't recall any teacher suggesting that I write creatively. I remember it as difficult, but fun and challenging at the same time. I hope to re-create that same combination again as I blog here.

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